6/26/2006 09:09:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|I can't stop listening to the song "Acetylene" by Patty Hurst Shifter. It's ten minutes of beautiful minor chord misery, or right up my street.|W|P|115132463100973989|W|P|No Small Miracle|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/25/2006 10:10:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|"FYI Folks--due to strangeness in the middle of the night 6/23/06, the Punk Planet forums crashed the web server they were on. Three times. In order to ensure the stability of the web server, we have had to close the forums while we figure out what went wrong. There is a chance that all messages will be lost, or that we will push forward with the redesign of the site we've been planning, which would replace these forums anyway. Thanks for your support and use of these forums over the years! " I am blogging to: SLAYER|W|P|115124110122155276|W|P|Just Shrug Our Shoulders And Go Home?|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/25/2006 08:51:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|Puffy Amiyumi do Green Day. Bless.
|W|P|115123630610863463|W|P|This Is What I Have To Put Up With Every Day|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/11/2006 09:28:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|Living here the last week has bought home to me that this is really a World Cup. The Japanese have all gone football crazy. There were a load of Japanese watching the England game alongside us in the pub last night. After years of living in Ireland and Wales, it was good to be out somewhere where people actually liked the English. They were all supporting England, especially the girl near us who seemed to think she was Frank Lampard's wife. She kept shouting "Frank! Frank!" and waving a replica shirt with his name on. This was when he wasn't even on screen - when he actually had a shot she almost exploded. I bet the English pubs are all full of balding beer bellied men. I know which one I prefer. The best television coverage I've seen so far is on channel 7, which has the requisite identikit cute perky Japanese girl who appears in one form or another on almost every programme, and various talking heads all saying whatever the Japanese for "terrible defensive error" is. So far, so Match Of The Day, but the real genius is in the set design. The production crew were obviously thinking along the lines of "right it's the World Cup, carnival of football, the whole world playing and watching every four years". And then chucked all that out , because what they have ended up with is a pirate ship, with set dressing made up of masts, sails, globes and, er, people talking about football. Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen will be sick with envy when they find out. And yesterday afternoon in Omotesando we saw a middle aged man walking along, sporting an especially luxuriant moustache, a pair of fake breasts under his shirt, and a small jar of water with some goldfish in tied to his head. I am blogging to: The Waterboys|W|P|115003068314223567|W|P|Warning: May Contain Football|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/09/2006 10:12:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|Early 90s crusty dub is where it's at round here. What a band. What a singer.|W|P|114985887414867564|W|P|Only The Rocks Are Forever|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/10/2006 06:07:00 AM|W|P|Blogger Marcus|W|P|Yep them and culture shock. AH happy times :)

Mind you I'm not 100% sure I have any RDF. A dj in Blackpool (yep I lived in Blackpool for a while) was a huge fan and I listened to a lot of his stuff6/15/2006 06:11:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous andrew|W|P|"signpost marred by shadow says there isn't far to go........."6/06/2006 09:14:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|In preparation for the new look that's coming round here, I've been cheating on Blogger with WordPress. Only the basic wordpress.com model so far - I hope the full version is a lot more user friendly than this, because the lack of flexibility is really annoying, not mention patronising. We'll see. In the meantime, I've used it as a place to chuck up my thoughts on the last few episodes of Doctor Who. Click here to have a look.|W|P|114959645873412883|W|P|WordPress & Doctor Who Thoughts|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/16/2006 07:36:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Mike|W|P|The full version of Wordpress is a whole different ballgame. I played around with the basic one for a while and it didn't do much for me either. The instalatation will fuck your brain for ten minutes or so, but after that it's a fucking joy.

Dr Who is still crap though :)6/03/2006 04:11:00 PM|W|P|dan|W|P|

|W|P|114931886594246674|W|P|Lawks!|W|P|danpawley@gmail.com6/03/2006 05:55:00 PM|W|P|Blogger doppelganger|W|P|It's more than flu we have to worry about

Seagull had a prawn sandwich out of my hand outside Markies in Bristol last month - straight down, one fell swoop....6/03/2006 08:24:00 PM|W|P|Blogger dan|W|P|I saw a seagull kill a pigeon once in Plymouth. It was holding the pigeon down with one of its feet and stabbing it with it's beak. If they ever get really pissed off with mankind we're all in trouble.